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Scrunch It Breathe - Women of Color

  • $17.95

 Using the same revolutionary patented scrunching design as the original Scrunch It Plop, the Scrunch It Breathe is a super soft polyester mesh that is your air drying or diffusing solution.  The mesh cap allows you to keep your curls plopped in their natural curl pattern while air drying, diffusing or even sleeping.  This is perfect for night time showers as it's the only cap designed to sleep in wet hair while still allowing adequate air flow!  Keeps your curls protected all night long.

The Adjustable headband fits all head sizes and our patented scrunching design will stay on all night long. 


Members of the African Diaspora are severely underrepresented in the curly hair space. Microaggressions, pushback against education, lack of inclusive language, and repeatedly having their experiences and history invalidated, have all contributed to this underrepresentation. This is segregation in a space that arguably exists only because BIPOC stood up and refused to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards and said I have the right to exist in my natural form. I am beautiful in my natural form.

Hair is representation of culture, of struggle, and of identity. In honor of that, we present the WOC Limited Edition Scrunch It Cap. 10% of the proceeds of this cap will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund in order to help continue the fight for racial justice, quality, an an inclusive society. Learn more about the important work this organization is doing and how you can help here: https://www.naacpldf.org/ldf-mission/


Disclaimer: Due to the fact that these caps are personal hygiene items we can not accept returns. If there is a defect, contact us for a replacement. All Scrunch It sales are final.