Meet The Founder and CEO

Devin's Story:

Like many people, I grew up thinking that I had straight, frizzy, "unmanageable" hair. I was constantly straightening it, coloring it, bleaching it, brushing it and pulling it back in tight pony tails. One day I went to the hair salon for a color and the hair stylist was a curly hair specialist. When I was complaining about my hair she said, “I hope you know that you have curly hair. If you learn how to take care of it, your hair will be beautiful.” 

I admit, I didn’t believe her. After 32 years of believing my hair was straight, it was hard to adopt a different mindset. The stylist patiently explained how to properly take care of my hair.  The secrets: no dry brushing, keeping it moisturized, not using cotton towels, plopping, diffusing, and all the basics. She styled my hair and I was amazed how curly it was.  The most surprising thing was no frizz!

I went home and watched videos, eager to learn everything there was about curly hair. 

If you have curly hair, you have probably heard the term, "Plopping." This is when you get out of the shower, put in your product and then take a towel or t-shirt, plop your hair on it and wrap the fabric around the hair without twisting the curls. The shirt absorbs moisture while keeping your hair in its natural curl pattern. This prevents frizz, split ends, and enhances curls. However, I couldn’t get that damn shirt to stay on my head! I couldn’t do anything like get dressed, put on makeup, make breakfast, or walk across the room without that shirt falling off my head. 

Frustrated, I looked online for something specifically made to plop curly hair. I looked and looked and looked and finally concluded nothing was out there. So, I headed to the fabric store, drug my trusty sewing machine out of the attic, and made myself the very first Scrunch It. I used it my next wash day and it was like the angels from heaven shining down upon me. I had mobility while plopping my hair! I could do anything! The name Scrunch It came to me and it just stuck. 

I had absolutely no intentions into turning my own little plopping cap into a business. But the next time I went to see my curly hair specialist, I brought her the Scrunch It. She tried it on, looked up at me and said “You have to get this out there! This is brilliant and would help so many people!” 

I was so excited that I ran home, filed a provisional patent and created a Kickstarter campaign to get seed money to take Scrunch It into production. I was able to raise over 300% of my funding goal in a matter of days. In the meantime, I studied the best material for curly hair, sample materials, tried different styles and sewing techniques until it was perfect. 

Scrunch It is now in production and available to purchase all over the world.